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This table shows the importance of certain use cases on different device form factors. See the sections below for an explanation of the use cases and device form factors. The importance is separated into three different levels: Main for primary features, Relevant for useful, but not essential features and Subsidiary for features that are rarely needed or do not apply to a certain device form factor.

Use case Desktop Notebook Smartphone Tablet TV Vehicle Plane
Exploration Main Relevant Main Main Subsidiary Subsidiary
Measuring Relevant Subsidiary Relevant Relevant Subsidiary Subsidiary
Search Main Relevant Main Relevant Relevant Subsidiary
GPS Tracking Subsidiary Main Relevant Subsidiary Main Main
Route Planning Relevant Main Main Relevant Main Subsidiary
Guidance Mode Subsidiary Main Relevant Subsidiary Main Subsidiary
Offline Usage Subsidiary Relevant Relevant Subsidiary Main Main

Device form factors

  • Desktop: The classical desktop computer system
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet: Devices with about 7"-10" touchscreens and additional sensors (GPS, accelerometers)
  • TV: Set top boxes using a TV as display, often full-HD resolution
  • Vehicle: In-vehicle infotainment and "carputers" fixed to a vehicle. But not smartphones or tablets used in a vehicle for just a short period of time!
  • Plane: In-flight entertainment systems

Use Cases

  • Exploration: Description TODO
  • Measuring: Description TODO
  • Search: Description TODO
  • GPS Tracking: Description TODO
  • Route Planning: Description TODO
  • Guidance Mode: Description TODO
  • Offline Usage: Description TODO


  • Linux distributions
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Maemo
  • Meego
  • Android

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