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(Current features status)
(Current features status)
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[edit] About Knights


[edit] Protocols/standards


[edit] Current features status


Works It just works.
N/A It doesn't work but can't be implemented for any reason, like limitation in the protocol specification.
It doesn't work but it's possible to support it. The GUI buttons for the corresponding actions are disabled.
The GUI buttons for the given action(s) are enabled in the GUI but they just do nothing.
The GUI buttons for the given action(s) are enabled in the GUI, also when they are pressed they make the program crash or behave very, very, very bad.


Player1 Player2 Pause Undo Draw Adjourn Resign Abort
Human Human Works
Human gnuchess(Xboard)
Human crafty(Xboard)
Human sjeng(Xboard)
Human stockfish(UCI)
Human freechess.org(FICS)
gnuchess(Xboard) sjeng(Xboard)
gnuchess(Xboard) stockfish(UCI)
gnuchess(Xboard) freechess.org(FICS)
stockfish(UCI) freechess.org(FICS)

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