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With the recent addition of the KDE Financial project to KDE, we need to build an oxygen icon set that will be used by all financial applications. This section aims at defining those icons before asking to the oxygen team



Icon Name short description Skrooge KMyMoney Kraft
Account An account in the sense of a Bank Account. This is not the same as an account in the accountancy. Represents either an Asset or a Liability account X X
Asset account Represents any account of the asset group (see below) X
Checking account Represents a checking account X
Savings account Represents a savings account X
Equity account Represents e.g. opening and closing balance accounts X
Investment account Represents a portfolio of stock accounts X
Stock account Represents a single investment for a specific stock/fund/etc. X
Asset loan account A loan where you lend the money to someone else X
Liability account Represents any account of the liability group (see below) X
Credit card account Specific account X
Loan account A loan where you borrow money from someone else X
Categories A category is a way to classify operations/transactions. Classical examples include "Food", "Clothes", "Salary"... X X
Income account Category representing income X
Expense account Category representing expenses X

General Objects

Icon Name short description Skrooge KMyMoney Kraft
Institution This is an organization that holds your accounts X
Operation/Transaction An operation is any money movement, in or out of an account X X
System-users.png Payee The payee of an operation is the person or institution who is the recipient (expense) or donator(income) of the money X X
Currency €, $, £ to name a few X X X ?


Icon Name short description Skrooge KMyMoney Kraft
Summary Shows a quick overview of your current financial status X
Accounts Shows the hierarchy of all accounts X
Institutions Shows all institutions and accounts assigned to them X
File:Chronometer.png Scheduled Operations Operations that recur on a regular basis X X
Ledger Lists the transactions/operations of an account. Also referred to as Register X
Investments Gives access to the investment management X
Reports Lists the available reports X
Graphs Graphs (pie, histogram...) drawn based on financial information X X
Budget Allows access budget information X
Forecast This will attempt to display future information about your finances X


Icon Name short description Skrooge KMyMoney Kraft
Backup Backup your application file X
Import QIF file Import a file with Quicken format X
Import GnuCash file Import a file from GnuCash X
Import statement Import a statement file from a bank X
Import template accounts Import an account template for a quick start X
Export template accounts Export an account template X
Export QIF file Export your data into a Quicken file X
Personal data Access your personal data in the file X
Find transaction Search for transaction using a filter X
Show transaction detail Show details for a selected transaction X
Hide reconciled transaction Hide transaction that have a reconciled status X
Hide unused categories Hide categories that have no transaction assigned to them X
Show all accounts Show all accounts even if they are closed X
New account Create a new account X
Open account Same as Open ledger X
Open ledger Open the ledger for the selected account X
Reconcile account Match the transactions in your account with the info from the organization holding your account X
Finish reconciliation Finalize reconciliation by changing the status of transactions from 'Cleared' to 'Reconciled' X
Postpone reconciliation Put the reconciliation on hold X
Delete account It will delete the account from the file X
Close account It will close the account, not allowing further modifications to it, but it will remain in the file X
Reopen account Open a closed account X
Map to online account link an account to an online banking account X
Unmap online account Cut the link between an account and an online banking account X
Update online account Get transaction info from the online account X
Update all online accounts Get info for all online accounts X
New category Create a new income or expense category X
QIF Profile editor edits the format and properties to import/export QIF files X
Securities Currencies are a special kind of security. They can also be bonds, stocks, etc X
Prices Conversion rates for securities X
New transaction Create a new transaction/operation X
Edit transaction Edit the selected transactions X
Split transaction This allows to split income and expenses among multiple categories X
Enter transaction It confirms the transaction and saves it in the ledger X
Select all transactions Select all transactions currently visible in the ledger X
Online price update Download online price information from the internet X
Manual price update Manually enter price information X
New schedule Create a scheduled transaction X
Edit schedule Edit selected scheduled transaction X
Delete schedule Delete selected scheduled transaction X
Duplicate schedule Duplicate selected scheduled transaction X
Enter scheduled transaction Manually enter a transaction from a schedule X
Skip scheduled transaction Skip this occurrence of the schedule X
Match Match a manually entered transaction with an imported transaction X
Unmatch Unmatch a previously matched transaction X
Accept Accept an imported/matched transaction X
Goto xxx Open the ledger for account xxx or show payee xxx in the payees view X

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