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KDE Finance Apps Group Spring Sprint 2010

The first sprint of the KDE Finance Apps Group will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The date is april 23rd until april 25th.


We will be hosted by SyroCon Consulting GmbH


We will stay in hotel [please fill in].


Frankfurt am Main has the largest german airport and also is the main international hub in germany. The SyroCon office is located in Eschborn which is either a 20 min cab ride from the airport or you can take public transport.

Directions from the airport: buy a one way ticket to destination code 50. Take S8 or S9 in direction to Frankfurt or Hanau. Get off at Frankfurt central station. Switch to S3 or S4 on the other platform and go in direction Bad Soden or Kronberg. Get off at Eschborn Süd. From the station it's a 10 minute walk to the office.

Directions from central station: take S3 or S4 in direction Bad Soden or Kronberg. Get off at Eschborn Süd. From the station it's a 10 minute walk to the office. If you can (Klaas for sure), buy tickets with a destination of "Eschborn Süd". In that case, you don't have to buy another ticket when you arrive in Frankfurt. If you can only get tickets to Frankfurt central station, you will have to buy a ticket for the metro destination code 50.

The address of the office is

SyroCon Consulting GmbH
Mergentaler Allee 77
65760 Eschborn

The following link shows the location of the office and on the right you can spot the green S-Bahn sign where the train station is located.



Name Email Arrival Depart Confirm Travel Cost need Sponsor? Hotel? Food Project Coming from Flights
Klaas Freitag [email protected] april 23rd april 25th ~100€ Train yes yes Kraft Nuernberg, Germany
Guillaume DE BURE [email protected] april 23th april 25th ~270€ Plane yes yes Skrooge Gaillac, France
Alvaro Soliverez [email protected] april 22nd april 28th yes ~870€ Plane yes no KMyMoney Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thomas Baumgart [email protected] n/a n/a n/a 0 no no KMyMoney Frankfurt, Germany
Arnaud Dupuis [email protected] april 23th april 25th ~200€ Plane yes yes Association Subscribers Manager (Assuma) Paris, France
Cristian Oneț [email protected] april 23th april 26th ~300€ Plane + 120€ Train yes yes KMyMoney Timișoara, Romania Timișoara - Stuttgart and back
Thomas Richard [email protected] april 23th april 25th ~130€ Train yes yes Kraft Hasselt, Belgium


As a starting topic we should do a introductory session of the people present and their projects so that we have a better understanding on the backgrounds/goals involved.

The overall topic will be how we can work together organisational and code wise.

  • FinanceStack: an engine that will allow to integrate the workflow of applications
  • Common icons: use a common set of icons to maintain UI consistency across applications and to request a minimum amount of icons to the Oxygen team
  • Level of integration of KCurrency and ISO Codes within applications
  • Minimum Qt and KDE version required for each
  • Targeted Audience (private vs. (small-) business, single/multi-user, access control, etc.)
  • Security issues
  • PGP Keysigning Party
  • Common Report Framework - do we want to work on a report system which generates template based documents, business reports, diagrams etc.? Several options are available.


  • Beamer 1280x1024: available
  • 8-port switch: available
  • Ethernet-Cables: available
  • Power-Outlet: available
  • Paper-White-Board: available

  • Coffee: available
  • Softdrinks: available
  • Tea: available (to some extent - you might want to bring your own)

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