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Alkimia is the infrastructure for common storage and business logic that will be used by all financial applications in KDE. The target is to share financial related information over application bounderies.

The Name

Alkimia is the Arabic word al-kimia (الكيمياء) for alchemy. That has a nice relationship to gold and thus to money and was picked for that reason on the first sprint of the KDE Finance Group.

Use Cases

The Use-Case page lists some user centric use case examples for applications making use of Alkimia.


We found there is a need to share code between financial applications. There are some common classes we all use. They will become part of libalkimia.

Alkimia D-Bus server

Another purpose of the Alkimia project will be sharing financial data between applications. We will provide a D-Bus server with a well defined interface to the outside world. It should be easy to use for every application (see use cases). This will be done by the Alkimia D-Bus server

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