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This is an information page about kbluetooth development, which is a continue of the work made by tpatzig in kde-bluetooth.

The official name has been changed to "kbluetooth", leaving deprecated "kbluetooth4" and "kde-bluetooth". The project only contains officially one component named "kbluetooth" which is a systray application that will allow you to do almost everything you may want to do with a bluetooth device.

The release policy is: "Release soon, release often", so you can expect releases in some different small periods, like 1 week or 2. The main reason to have this release policy is because we need A LOT of feedback, and we need it for yesterday, kde have a long way to catch up in bluetooth matter.

Finally, the main goal of this project is become in the near future an official application of KDE desktop, offering with it a high quality bluetooth solution for our favorite desktop environment. If you want read more about how we want do it click here.

Kbluetooth Dependencies

  • Bluez4
  • KDE 4.3

Kbluetooth 0.5 Roadmap

This table show the roadmap of 0.5 release, which will be a code-refactoring release, we need to prepare the current code to become in a kde trunk capable one.

Status Project Description Contact
TO DO kbluetooth Revise all files to fix wrong code habits, and identation issues. Prepare the code to kde inclusion Alex Fiestas <>
TO DO kbluetooth Add audio device pairing Alex Fiestas <>
TO DO kbluetooth Add modem device pairing Alex Fiestas <>

Kbluetooth 0.4 Roadmap

The table show the roadmap of 0.4 release, which is a completely revision/fix release, including some important usability bugs fixed.

Status Project Description Contact
DONE kbluetooth Revise/Improve all the needed code to turn kbluetooth in a more solid application. Alex Fiestas <>
DONE kbluetooth Be able to configure where the received files are saved Alex Fiestas <>
DONE kbluetooth Be able to send more than one file with the same action Alex Fiestas <>
DONE kbluetooth Improve the receive files dialog, adding a "Accept all from this device" option Alex Fiestas <>
DONE kbluetooth Add support to receive more than one file in the same execution Alex Fiestas <>
DONE kbluetooth Be able to choose the received files directory in the receive file dialog Alex Fiestas <>

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