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geoshape is a so called shape, a plugin that can be used in (nearly) any Koffice2 application, like Kword, Kpresenter and so on. At the moment it is limited to displaying a simple map, like they can be seen in Marble. Features like displaying adresses from a spreadsheet might follow later but are nowhere near implemented.

Current Features

  • loading
  • saving
  • zoom/navigation
  • search (no undo for that yet)
  • undo/redo
  • a fallback generic .png image for "less capable" office suits (read OpenOffice) is included

Ideas (no promise)

  • searching and displaying points from a spreadsheet (adressess, gps, etc)

How to get it

can be found in playground/office/geoshape needs at least

  • koffice2 beta 5 or later
  • marble from KDE 4.2 ( trunk not tested )

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