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Plasmagik packager;
Plasmagik packager;

Revision as of 20:31, 29 June 2011

Names are just temporary. Infos can be as well. Please don't trust this page as probably most of the things are going to heavily change during this 1 month developement marathone.

The Packager/Uploader

The syntax I'd like to came up with is:


<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp-qt"> Plasmagik packager; packager.setPackageType(...); packager.setSomething(); packager.show();

or something like that --Ruphy 18:14, 12 March 2007 (CET).

Plasmagik inherits QDialog

This task is mostly done, this is the API I came out with:

Proposed API (packaging section)

  • Plasmagik::PackageType -> Predefined list of package types. See packaging.txt for the complete list.
  • setPackageType(Plasmagik::PackageType, bool clearFirst) If clearFirst == true, clearProgrammingLanuages() will be called.
  • setProgrammingLanguages(QString/QStringList languages) If languages is QString, languages are separated by '|'. It will call clearProgrammingLanguages().
  • QString/QStringList programmingLanguages()
  • addProgrammingLanguages(QString/QStringList languages) Same as setProgammingLanguages, but it won't call clearProgrammingLanguages() first, and will add languages to the end.
  • clearProgrammingLanguages() It will remove any language previously set.
  • setIcon(QIcon icon) Sets the icon for the dialog
  • setPackageExtension(QString extension) Sets the provided extension as the one used when saving the package. It will be passed as-is to KFileDialog.
  • setText(Plasmagik::Label label, QString text) You can customize GUI strings with that function

Improvements proposed for this section

  • Rename ProgrammingLanguages --> content, or such
  • setPackageExtension(QString extension) with mimetype instead of string?

Proposed API (networking section)

  • TODO!

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