This page is dedicated to discuss issues related to the port to KDE4.


As a first step, we are leaving Qt3Support, if possible. There are cases when it is best to port to the corresponding Qt4 classes. Examples of these are the QButtonGroups, KActions, KPageWidget, QTabBar

For now, focus on make it work. Assess whether it will be faster using Qt3Support or a newer class.

Areas to work on

  • Views
  • Dialogs
  • Widgets

Please include the areas you are working on to avoid overlapping with other developers.


The following are on my TODO list but that does not mean that I don't need any help on them:

  • Check all the KListView classes that save their layout and make sure that works (restoreLayout was called in polish() in the Institutions view and polish() is not called anymore)


Please report here the issues you find.

  • Libkdchart has been commented out until last minute. Charts won't work until then
  • Check for multiple instances. It was using DCOP, and it has to be migrated to a method suitable with DBus.
  • There is a bug in KHTMLPart where you get weird results if you call write() many times. Save it to a QString and call write() once instead.
  • Q3ButtonGroup objects should be migrated to QButtonGroup. The Q3Support class is severely handicapped and there are no issues in porting to the new class.
  • Standard icon names have changed. Check the name of the icon being called if you see a default icon is being displayed.
  • The code that creates the title bar (the one with the blue image) has been commented out since it somehow was not visible and the other widgets got behind in making it impossible to click them with the mouse

Areas to leave as they are for the moment

libkgpg is best left as it is for now. Thomas Baumgart plans to do an overhaul of the whole class when there is time.

libkdchart is an extract from koffice. If we find a bug there, it is best to report it to the koffice maintainers

The mymoney folder contains the engine. It is covered by the unit tests and they mostly run ok. This is a critical area of the application, so check with Thomas or Alvaro before making a change.

Of course, if you find a critical bug in any of these, let us know.

Mailing list

For now, use the regular kmymoney developers mailing list. A mailing list in has been requested.


Alvaro Soliverez is coordinating the KDE4 effort. You can reach me at asoliverez at or on IRC under Hei_ku in the #kmymoney channel. Alternatively, you can contact Thomas Baumgart in the developers list.

People involved

  • mlaurent
  • conet
  • neoclust
  • asoliverez
  • tbaumgart

(Contact the coordinator if you are willing to contribute)


Have it ready for kdereview before the end of the year. Is it too optimistic?

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