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In-progress bugfixes

  • SadEagle:bug #169988 --- focus/blur on all elements, head/body parsing #?????, multiple problems with onchange (bug #170451, many others)
  • RTL application (-reverse) fixes
  • make frame resizing dynamical - possibly with a frame indicator.
  • need to add/update several testcases in regression suite for 4 or 5 five bug fixes (Sp.)
  • I have a patch for doing dns-prefetch as was suggested on http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/3701#comment-8086
    • Maksim, to answer your question, the point is not to retrieve on hover but as soon as an anchor's href is parsed, so it is wasteful, but the Chromium guys say they observe it doesn't put a significant pressure on DNSes as the average page as few external links. My approach would be to cap the number of resolution to something (configurable) like 40 per page, getting most of the benefit on news site, without the DDOSing behaviour. It does give a kind of "what could possibly go wrong" feeling though :-)

Acid3 stuff

See Projects/Acid3

Major targets

  • SVG --- vtokarev
  • DOM namespace changes --- vtokarev
  • HTML5 Audio/Video --- Spart
  • getComputedStyle w/display:none --- SadEagle
  • iframe stuff --- SadEagle, non-immediate
    • XSS permissions for about: and javascript: URL affect tinyMCE
  • canvas --- SadEagle, non-immediate:
    • New params to putImageData, createImageData, parameter checking updates
    • Depends on getComputedStyle:
      • Add support for currentColor
      • text

Potentially high-impact bugs

  • bug #150662
  • derstandard.at
  • tokenizer script-recursion crashes - (what bug #? (Spart))
    • Might not be a good name, but I mean: bug #170185, part of bug #165601, part of bug #162498, later bts and dupes of bug #145666, and likely some others. My initial description is probably wrong, though --- the problem is the hack in handling window.document that creates the document by calling begin/write/end is doing so on a document with a parser active; one of the triggers is probably because the restoration of frames from KHTMLPageCache may happen in the wrong order, but the various reports suggest it's not the only case. (The reason for the original description is that I recalled seeing quite a few reports mentioning the same m_scriptExecuting assert, e.g. bug #118104 for a long time, and figured it's time to get rid of this; some of those are actually mixed in with the dupes of the above). -S.E.
  • Sometimes changing pages doesn't repaint properly, leaving parts of the old one. I've seen it on lists.kde.org, but can't reproduce now , here is one reproducible (r855004 on branch)testcase, though (but this one uses frames, not standalone) (-S.E.):

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