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In-progress bugfixes

  • SadEagle:bug #115325,bug #169988 --- focus/blur on all elements, head/body parsing #?????, multiple problems with onchange (bug #170451, many others)
  • Spart:bug #170055,bug #170091 --- offsetTop/Parent/Left - got a patch, but will sit a bit on it as those are very touchy and important methods. I need to build a more thorough test to see if early specification is accurate.

Acid3 stuff

See Projects/Acid3

Major targets

  • SVG --- vtokarev
  • DOM namespace changes --- vtokarev
  • HTML5 Audio/Video --- Spart
  • getComputedStyle w/display:none --- SadEagle
  • iframe stuff --- SadEagle, non-immediate
    • XSS permissions for about: and javascript: URL affect tinyMCE
  • canvas --- SadEagle, non-immediate:
    • New params to putImageData, createImageData, parameter checking updates
    • Depends on getComputedStyle:
      • Add support for currentColor
      • text

Potentially high-impact bugs

  • Selection crashes, affecting at least Kopete bug #170749, seen elsewhere, too (I believe I fixed this some times ago.. r855319 bug #167239 - needs test (Spart))
  • tokenizer script-recursion crashes - (what bug #? (Spart))

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