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KDevelop 4.0 KDevelop 4.1 KDevelop 4.2 KDevelop 4.3
KDE 4.3.x Yes No No No
KDE 4.4.x Yes Yes No [1] No [1]
KDE 4.5.0/.1 Yes Yes Crashes [2] Crashes [2]
KDE 4.5.2+ Yes Yes Yes Yes
KDE 4.6.x No [3] No [3] Yes Yes

[1] KDevelop 4.2 was ported from SmartRanges to MovingRanges, and Kate 4.4 only has SmartRanges.

[2] There was a critical bug in the MovingRanges implementation that got fixed in trunk (4.6), but the developer didn't remember to backport it to 4.5. It was only noticed and backported in KDE 4.5.2. KDevelop is unusable in 4.5.0/4.5.1 without this fix.

[3] KDE 4.6 dropped support for the old SmartRanges in favor of MovingRanges. KDevelop 4.0 and 4.1 only support SmartRanges and not MovingRanges.

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