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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.6, which contains many improvements and new features in several areas. In case you do not know about KDevelop yet: we aim to create an IDE which doesn't get into your way and neverthereless provides a powerful and versatile set of tools for software development. Support for the C++ and CMake languages are KDevelop's most prominent and widely used features, but the 4.6 release also brings improvements for other languages such as PHP and Python.

What's New


Aside from many bug fixes and general improvements, a few changes are especially noteworthy:

* KDevelop now allows to open files from the command line easily ("kdevelop $file").
* The area tabs ("Code", "Review", "Debug") now have a fresh look, which should make it more
  obvious how they are supposed to be used. Related to that, the Working Sets are now
  identified by a fresh, consistent set of icons.
* There's a new Project Filter plugin, which provides a poweful tool to define which files
  you want to be part of your project.
* Performance optimizations were done in various areas, making KDevelop faster and less memory-hungry.
* The ReviewBoard plugin now supports updating existinreview requests.
* There's now support for building with ninja.
* Various improvements were done in the gdb Debugger plugin.
* CMake support was also stabilized and improved, and especially gained support for new CMake features.
* There's now a new, animated Splash Screen! ;)
* The Python language support has seen various improvements in its static analyzer, as well as in
  the code completion component. Especially, relative imports are now supported; types can be deduced
  from isinstance() calls; and there is now a built-in tool to extract information from non-Python
  libraries to be used by the IDE to provide better support for them.

Get it!


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    • old notes and keywords below

KDevelop 4.6 release notes kdevelop

* Allow opening files from the command line easily ("kdevelop $file")
* The area tabs have been repaced by a new, more obvious solution; working sets have no more random icons
* Project filter plugin {what exactly is new here in 4.6, everything? I'm not sure}
* Various performance optimizations
* Allows updating review requests
* ninja support
* better gdb support {any details here?}
* new splash screen ;)

cpp support

* ?

cmake support

* Stabilization improvements
* Catched up with new features in cmake

python support

* A new introspection script, which allows to generate documentation
  for non-native libraries, with GetHotNewStuff support
* Various improvements in code completion
* Support for deducing types from isinstance() and type() calls
* Support for binary operators
* Support for relative imports
* Support for the "global" keyword
* "Add watch" support in the debugger
* now includes translations ;)

qmljs support [should not be in the announcement because there is no release]

* JS types and functions detection
* QML properties types detection

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