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KDevelop 4.6 release notes kdevelop

* Allow opening files from the command line easily ("kdevelop $file")
* The area tabs have been repaced by a new, more obvious solution; working sets have no more random icons
* Project filter plugin {what exactly is new here in 4.6, everything? I'm not sure}
* Various performance optimizations
* Allows updating review requests
* ninja support
* better gdb support {any details here?}
* new splash screen ;)

cpp support

* ?

cmake support

* Stabilization improvements
* Catched up with new features in cmake

python support

* A new introspection script, which allows to generate documentation
  for non-native libraries, with GetHotNewStuff support
* Various improvements in code completion
* Support for deducing types from isinstance() and type() calls
* Support for binary operators
* Support for relative imports
* Support for the "global" keyword
* "Add watch" support in the debugger
* now includes translations ;)

qmljs support [should not be in the announcement because there is no release]

* JS types and functions detection
* QML properties types detection

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