Projects/KDE on Windows/Meetings/Osnabrück Meeting June 2010

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On the Weekend 5/6.June 2010 a KDE Windows meeting is going to happen at the Intevation office in Osnabrück.

Proposed Topics

  • KDAB and Intevations plans on Windows CE, how to utilize Emerge in the best way possible for that task (mostly on Friday between KDAB and Intevation developers)
  • Stabilizing the Windows Build-System for the KDE-Windows installer
  • Packaging for Windows and other platforms, we are the first KDE initiative to distribute KDE how can we create better packages with help from GNU/Linux KDE developers (maybe someone could prepare a CPack talk?)
  • Improve Build Error reporting from Windows builds (related to stabilizing) for the KDE Community
  • Get the word out that KDE-Windows is not just a proof of concept and here to stay (Marketing our ideas)
  • MinGW32/w64/MSVC which one to focus on?
  • How to integrate small, standalone packages for "honeypot" apps like okular or amarok into the KDE-Windows System
  • UAC and KDE-Windows, related to get the word out to GNU/Linux developers that Windows NT should be a serious target for KDE
  • Improving Emerge, design flaws and ways to overcome them

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