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Porting, development: [[#Jaroslaw Staniek|Jaroslaw Staniek]]
Porting, development: [[#Jaroslaw Staniek|Jaroslaw Staniek]]
==others listed in 4.8.0 release==
===kdenetwork ===
== Contributors ==
== Contributors ==

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Note: please keep the list in alphabetical order.


[edit] Amarok

Porting, development: Shane King

[edit] kdewebdev (KDE Web Dev)

Package maintenance: Paulo Moura Guedes

[edit] KLinkStatus

Porting: Paulo Moura Guedes

[edit] koffice

Package maintenance: ?

[edit] Kexi

Porting, development: Jaroslaw Staniek

[edit] others listed in 4.8.0 release

[edit] kdeedu

[edit] kdegames

[edit] kdegraphics

[edit] kdemultimedia

[edit] kdenetwork

[edit] kdesdk

[edit] kdetoys

[edit] kdeutils

[edit] digikam

[edit] kipi-plugins

[edit] kmymoney

[edit] konversation

[edit] kmid

[edit] kile

[edit] quassel

[edit] Contributors

Note: please keep the list in alphabetical order, by surname.

[edit] Paulo Moura Guedes

Contact: moura | kdewebdev org

[edit] Patrick Spendrin

(aka. Saro Engels), contact: ps_ml | gmx de

[edit] Jaroslaw Staniek

Contact: js | iidea pl

[edit] Shane King

Contact: kde | dontletsstart com

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