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Issues with emerge

For system-dependent parts emerge should rely on the kdewin-installer package

  • make the kdewin-installer work on the commandline and integrate into emerge
  • integrate kdewin-menubuilder
  • test for kdewin-* applications before using them

Some more functions that are needed

  • find a better solution what to build (accept multiple targets at the commandline like the original emerge does)
  • implement an update command which either updates the installed packages or which updates one package only
  • make two packages possible: 'emerge-bin' and 'emerge-portage'.
  • use another way to update the portage directory in future (rsync or similar)

Junior Jobs

Add missing documentation

There seem to be tons of options that were added but not yet documented - if someone has nothing to do or if you want to understand emerge better, you should start and document those options. The options are defined in emerge/bin/ so you should be able to find them easily.

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