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More you use the software, more issues and wishes you can find. Do not keep this knowledge for you - file a bug on http://bugs.kde.org, the KDE Bug Tracking System.

Before reporting make sure you are not going to duplicate already existing report.

  • To find a report use the Query Reports form, where you can specify product, component, version, installation type and operating

system. To find Windows-related reports, pick "MS Windows" in the "Operating system" list.


Please read general information and Preferred skills for starting KDE Development.

You can join the development team! Please start by exploring this TechBase web site, especially the KDE on Windows Development section.

See also

KDE Development FAQs
The Bugsquad Team tries to keep track of bugs in KDE software and make sure that valid bugs are noticed by developers.
KDE Quality Team
The task of the KDE Quality Team is to detect the loose ends in an application, and try to tie them together.

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