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'''More you use the software, more issues and wishes you can find.''' Do not keep this knowledge for you - file a bug on http://bugs.kde.org, the KDE Bug Tracking System.
===Querying existing reports===
*To find a report use the [http://bugs.kde.org/query.cgi Query Reports] form, where you can specify product, component, version, installation type and operating system, and a few more. To find Windows-related reports, pick "MS Windows" in the "Operating system" list.
===Sending a new report===
*To send a new report:
*#[https://bugs.kde.org/createaccount.cgi create new account] (if you do not have one)
*#[https://bugs.kde.org/query.cgi?GoAheadAndLogIn=1 login]
*#go to the [https://bugs.kde.org/wizard.cgi KDE Bug Report Wizard] and read information provided there if you are new to the bug tracking system
*#click "Continue" button and select the KDE Version (most probably 4.x) and the Distribution Method - "MS Windows Binaries", the very last item on the list.
*#clock "Continue" button and provide appropriate amount of information in the subsequent forms.
*Before reporting '''make sure''' that you are not going to duplicate already existing report.
*If you discover that the bug or a wish is not directly related to MS Windows (e.g. a bug can be reproduced on more or all operating systems), set the "operating system" field to "All" and the "platform" field to "unspecified".
Please read [[Development/FAQs/General_FAQ#I_am_a_developer.2C_how_can_I_contribute_to_KDE.3F|general information]] and [[Development/FAQs/General_FAQ#What_is_the_level_required_to_contribute_to_KDE.3F_What_should_I_learn.3F_What_should_I_read.3F|Preferred skills]] for starting KDE Development.
'''You can join the development team!''' Please start by exploring this TechBase web site, especially the [[Projects/KDE_on_Windows#Development|KDE on Windows Development]] section.
==See also==
:[[Development/FAQs|KDE Development FAQs]]
:The [[Contribute/Bugsquad|Bugsquad]] Team tries to keep track of bugs in KDE software and make sure that valid bugs are noticed by developers.
;KDE Quality Team:
:The task of the [[Contribute/Quality_Team|KDE Quality Team]] is to detect the loose ends in an application, and try to tie them together.

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