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= Development Workflow for KDE on Windows =
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= Under Contruction! =
== Basics ==
Before we start: This page will not tell you how to diagnose and address problems or shortcomings in source code and build files. We assume you know all that already, or are willing to read up on any missing bits, on your own (but for some hints on useful tools and techniques, be sure to visit [[Development/Tutorials/Debugging/Debugging on MS Windows]], and [[../Tools]]. The pupose of this page is to give you an outline of the specific steps needed for preparing, testing, and publishing patches in the KDE on Windows project.
== Use emerge ==
You are using [[Getting_Started/Build/Windows/emerge|emerge]] to build your KDE on Windows development environment, right? If not, start doing so now. It's mandatory. Some variables to check in your emerge setup:
* EMERGE_BUILDTYPE: You may want to set this to "Debug"
* EMERGE_LOG_DIR: Setting this is highly useful, so you can review (long) build logs.
* GIT_AUTHOR_*/GIT_COMMITTER_*: Useful if you want to be able to make commits directly from your source tree.
* Be sure you are on the branch you want to be on!
== Where are the emerge build files ==
== Where are the sources ==
* git / svn / others
== Debugging and testing ==
* build directory
* mingw32-make
* emerge -i
* emerge --update
* diffutils
== Creating patches ==
* emerge --createpatch
* Adding to build_xyz.py
* Renaming build_xyz.py?
* Don't forget to test from a clean workdir.
== Review and Pushing ==
* reviewboard, mailing list, IRC
* git commands (short)
* merging to / from master

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