Projects/KDE on Solaris/Status

This page lists the status of KDE4 on Solaris; for KDE_on_Solaris instructions on getting KDE4 on Solaris see the other Techbase page.


  • If the system locale is C, then every Qt application will spit out an iconv warning on startup; this is annoying but harmless. Setting LANG to something else (e.g. LANG=646, even) will help. Long term solution: add encoding or system workaround.


The intention of this showstopper list is to provide more detail and context for what we consider showstoppers for getting KDE4 on Solaris shipped. It doesn't correspond to the Release Team's list, at least not until we get a lot more Solaris mindshare. Each showstopper should have a name, a KDE Bugzilla entry and a long(er) description.

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