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When installing one of the latest development builds of KDE4 on OpenSolaris, there's a number of changes to do to make the use of the desktop more convenient. Some of the suggested changes are below.

This page also lists some yet unresolved and highly visible problems with no workaround.

See also the list of known bugs.

Font anti-aliasing

Is disabled in a fresh installation. Execute <syntaxhighlight lang="text">gnome-appearance-properties and select some better option in Fonts.

Akonadi seems misconfigured

After login an akonadi error window is shown. You can get rid of the errors by calling

kwriteconfig --file kres-migratorrc --group Migration --key Enabled --type bool false 

although a patch would be better.

Missing Reboot and Shutdown

Tracked as 186198. A simple workaround is available. This is also tracked in OpenSolaris as 1166.

Broken screen lock

the below information is no not valid with current builds, but the kcheckpass binary has bad permissions so unlocking still fails. Just do <syntaxhighlight lang="text">pfexec chmod +s /opt/kde4/lib/kde4/libexec/kcheckpass --- Tracked as 184465. xlock can be used as a workaround. It could also be convenient to undefine the Ctrl+Alt+L shortcut and use <syntaxhighlight lang="text">System Settings -> Input Actions to redefine this shortcut to xlock.

To disable default shortcut:

System Settings -> Global Keyboard Shortcuts -> Run Command Interface
-> "Lock Session" (remove the shortcut)

To enable Ctrl+Alt+L as Input Action to spawn xlock:

System Settings -> Input Actions
right-click the left pane -> New -> Global Shortcut -> Command/URL
Trigger -> define shortcut
Action -> Command/URL -> xlock 

Colission with SUNWvboxguest

When VirtualBox additions are installed, VirtualBox has to enable video acceleration or kwin crashes.

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