What is Korona?

Korona is a live DVD that makes it easy to peek at the current state of porting KDE4 to OpenSolaris. It's created by adding the packages of the KDE-Solaris project on top of regular OpenSolaris image. Apart from setting KDE as default, there are no other customizations.

Can I install Korona and use it in production environment?

There's nothing we can do to prevent you from doing so. But remember that there's no support for anything. It's very likely that security issues will stay unresolved. We don't have any update policy.
Korona is not really a distribution. It's meant to be a test-drive thing.
If Korona is not for you, then have a look at Belenix.
If you like Korona, you may be better off installing regular OpenSolaris and installing KDE from the KDE-Solaris IPS repository (check the forum for latest news).

So what works and what's broken?

See the Status page.

I want join the developers/build my own KDE packages

A step by step guide is available.


There is a forum. Developers hang out at the #kde4-solaris IRC channel of Freenode.

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