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March 17, 2011 Status

Work on the KDE4.6.0/Solaris 10 project restarted again.

Using Sun Studio 12, not 12.1 or 12.2 (unless necessary)

I have reverted many changes that were done to try and use Solaris 10 tool chain which have some serious issues. I am not opposed to trying to do this with the basic Solaris tools, but both options should be available. KDE4.4.1 worked with all the original FOSS software (gettext/iconv/mit-kerberos5/openldap/cyrus-sasl).

Qt-4.7.2 now builds out of the repo on Solaris10/SS12. Working towards getting the rest of the builds working for KDEgdm-consolidation.

Qt-4.7.2 fails on an internal compiler bug with Solaris 10/SS12.2 so that is a stopper for right now.

exiv2-0.20 - One sticky issue has cropped up which has to do with Templates with SS12 and the exiv2-0.20. This builds from the repo if using Sun Studio 12.1. I've written in some code to base-exiv2.spec which resets the compiler to sexp (how cbe recognizes SunStudio12.1) to effect a hands-off build.

curl-7.3.21 is fixed, back to depending on FOSSmit-kerberos5, some library magic and taking care of the GSS_DLLIMP define error that existed there.

boost-1.46.1 - upgraded from 1.45. Needless to say, I was amazed that the upgrade went so smoothly. Had to tweak a couple of patches and that was it. Need to run the verification test.

libdbusmenu-qt-0.6.4 - add a patch for S10 to deal with the lack of function mkdtemp. created a patch for S10 to inline comparable functionality.

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