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Check out the KDE-Mac build tools

The tools I created to auto-build packages are at Google Code. You can check it out with:

 svn checkout kde-mac

Install Build Prerequisites

The Qt and kdesupport packages (from here) should be enough to get you able to bootstrap a KDE build.

You will also need CMake from the CMake download page, as well as Subversion to check out KDE sources.

If you want to build qt-copy yourself (it now contains Qt/Mac!), use the script available in SVN:

 svn co svn://
 cd qt-copy 
 cd ../../
 mkdir qt-copy
 cd qt-copy
 make install

Build a Distribution

 make dist

There are also a number of tools that do specific things (which make dist calls).

The actual build portion is done by the
 $ ./ -h
 usage: ./ [-h] [-c] [-n] [-r] [-s]
       -h|--help        this help
       -c|--clean       do a clean build (erase compiledir before building)
       -n|--no-package  don't erase packages/* and create new packages
       -r|--revision    check out a specific revision
       -s|--skip-update don't do an 'svn up'

If you want to pass these to a "make dist", you use the DIST_ARGS option:

 make dist DIST_ARGS="-r 641586"

If compiling on Leopard, you may get an error when building due to missing library symlinks. Some users have reported that the the following commands will allow the build process to continue successfully:

cd /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk/usr/lib
sudo ln -s dylib1.o dylib1.10.5.o
sudo ln -s crt1.o crt1.10.5.o
There may also be a problem when compiling kdelibs in which an error is displayed about missing architecture. This seems to be a problem with the openexr libraries that do not by default build universal binary versions. One way to allow the build process to continue is to edit the file ./ and change the line that reads

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