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== KDE GPL v2.0 Relicensing effort ==
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=== Why does it matter ? ===
A couple of KDE dependent projects or even libraries have moved or are going to move to GPLv3 ([[http://gpl3.palamida.com:8080/|State of GPLv3 movement]]). A few parts of KDE are currently licensed as GPLv2 only. So far we have no reason to believe that this was something other than an oversight. However, we still need to validate with the individual copyright holders that a relicense to GPLv2+ is okay with them.
Therefore, in an effort we're trying to identify the contributors that have contributed under the terms of GPLv2 and where the "+" part was not explicetly mentioned. If we know that all contributors agreed to a relicense, we can go ahead and flip the license of the individual source file.
== How can I help ? ==
By identifying a contributor who as contributed under the terms of GPLv2 (svn log of the file in question), and contacting him if he wasn't already contacted. Ask him the following questions:
* Are you okay with relicensing your contributions done under GPLv2 to GPLv2+?
* Are you okay with relicensing your contributions done under LGPLv2 to LGPLv2+?
* Are you okay with the KDE e.V. deciding on a future licensing change to your code, should that be necessary?
== Current Reply List ==
{| border="1"
! Name !! GPLv2->GPLv2+ !! LGPLv2 -> LGPLv2+ !! GPLv2 -> GPLv2+v3 !! LGPLv2 -> LGPLv2+LGPLv3 || KDE e.V. decides
|Granroth, Kurt || OK || OK || OK || OK || YES
|Mueller, Dirk || OK || OK || OK || OK || no
|Moore, Richard || OK || OK || || || YES
|Sand, Espen || OK || OK || || || YES
== Current TODO List ==
* Waldo Bastian
* Matthias Kretz
* Marc Mutz
* Sebastian Trueg

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