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Functional Scope of Kontact Mobile - KTasks

Following you will find a set contaxtual actions available in the different views Kontact Mobile - KTasks offers. This way the functional scope is defined.

Always available

Elements of this section are always visible. This section is always the last section displayed in the contextual menu.

Category Action Status Comment
Kontact Mobile - KTasks Quit OK
Switch Windows TO DO "Minimize Window"
New Task OK
Search OK
Work Offline OK
Configure OK see below
Manual OK A manual "first steps" will be available on the client - with a link to the "Kontact Mobile Userbase Wiki"
Report bug or request feature TO DO "Report Bug Or Request Feature"

realised as link to - if possible have application pre-selected

About OK


Category Action Status Comment
Home Synchronize all ToDos TO DO Synchronize All ToDos
Select multiple folders TO Do Select Multiple Folders
Import Tasks OK
Export Tasks Ok
Archive Old Entries Ok
Favorites (OrderFlap) Reorder OK
Delete OK
Accounts (OrderFlap) Edit OK
Delete OK
Add OK


Category Action Status Comment
Account Synchronize Resource TO DO "Synchronize This Account"
Properties TO DO "Account Properties"

Edit dialogue for account configuration, should contain possibility for Renaming

New OK Detailed Dialogue for new folder. Parent is prefilled
Purge completed tasks TO DO "Purge Completed Tasks"

Single folder view

Category Action Status Comment
Folder Synchronize Folder TO DO "Synchronize This Folder"
Export Tasks OK
Purge completed tasks TO DO "Purge Completed Tasks"
Edit Properties To DO "Folder Properties"
New OK
Move To OK
Copy To OK
Delete Folder OK
View Add as favorite TO DO "Add As Favorite2
Start maintenance TO DO "Bulk Aktions"

Multiple folder view

Category Action Status Comment
Folder Synchronize Folder TO DO "Synchronize These Folders"
Export Tasks OK
View Add as Favorite TO DO "Add As Favorite"
Select Folders OK
Start Maintenance TO DO "Bulk Actions"

ToDo viewer

Category Action Status Comment
ToDo New Sub Task OK
Make Sub Task Independent OK Only show if aplicable
Make all Sub Tasks Independent OK Only show if aplicable
Attachments Save (all) Under Discussion Show only if attachments exists / View tbd
Edit Edit To-do OK
Copy To OK
Move To OK
Delete Item OK


Category Action Status Comment
Time and Date Enable reminders for new to-dos OK
Default reminder time OK
View Always display completed to-dos at the bottom of the list OK
Todo due today color OK
Todo overdue color OK


Here you can find functionallity that still needs to be discussed, wether it makes sense to add it to the mobile version of KDE PIM.

We do not need this

  • Print
  • Configure date & Time
  • Archive (better replaced by combining "expire and move" in a single folder with "export" a folder)

We need to discuss this

We need to integrate this

  • "Disassociate from recurrence" should be solved as part of handling

ToDo editor

  • Implement a simplified category handling (add, delete, including colors)

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