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Functional Scope of Kontact Mobile - KJots

Following you will find a set contaxtual actions available in the different views Kontact Mobile - KJots offers. This way the functional scope is defined.

Always available

Elements of this section are always visible. This section is always the last section displayed in the contextual menu.

Category Action Status Comment
Notes Quit OK
Switch Windows TO DO "Minimize Window"
New Note OK
Search To Do Search For Notes
Work offline TO DO "Work Offline"
Manual OK A manual "first steps" will be available on the client - with a link to the "Kontact Mobile Userbase Wiki"
Report bug or request feature TO DO "Report Bug Or Request Feature"

realised as link to - if possible have application pre-selected

About OK


Category Action Status Comment
Home Synchronize all notes TO DO "Synchronize All Accounts"
Select multiple folders TO DO "Select Multiple Folders"
Import Notes OK
Favorites (OrderFlap) Reorder OK
Delete OK
Accounts (OrderFlap) Edit OK
Delete OK
Add OK


Category Action Status Comment
Account Synchronize Resource TO DO "Synchronize This Account"
Properties TO DO "Account Properties"

Edit dialogue for account configuration, should contain possibility for Renaming

New ToDo New Sub-Notebook
Export Notes ToDo Export Notes From This Account

Single folder view

Category Action Status Comment
Folder Synchronize Folder TO DO "Synchronize This Notebook"
Export Notes To Do Export Displayed Notes
Edit Properties TO DO "Notebook Properties"
New ToDo New Sub-Notebook
Move To To Do Move Notebook To
Copy To To Do Copy Notebook To
Delete Folder To Do Delete Notebook
View Add as Favorite TO DO "Add View As Favorite"
Start Maintenance TO Do Switch To Editing Mode

Multiple folder view

Category Action Status Comment
Folders Synchronize Folder TO DO "Synchronize These Folders"
Export Notes To Do Export Displayed Notes
View Add as Favorite TO DO "Add View as Favorite"
Select Folders
Start Maintenance TO DO Switch To Editing Mode

Note viewer

Category Action Status Comment
Edit Copy To To Do Copy Note To
Move To To Do Move Note To
Delete Item TO DO "Delete Note"


Here you can find functionallity that still needs to be discussed, wether it makes sense to add it to the mobile version of KDE PIM.

We do not need this

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We need to discuss this

We need to integrate this

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