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Functional Scope of Kontact Mobile - Calendar

Following you will find a set contaxtual actions available in the different views Kontact Mobile - Calendar offers. This way the functional scope is defined.

Always available

Elements of this section are always visible. This section is always the last section displayed in the contextual menu.

Category Action Status Comment
Kontact Mobile - Calendar Quit
Minimize Window
New Event
Search For Events
Work Offline
Configure Calendar
Report Bug Or Request Feature
About Kontact Touch


Category Action Status Comment
Home Synchronize All Accounts
Select Multiple Calendars
Import Events
Archive Old Events
Favorites (OrderFlap) Reorder
Accounts (OrderFlap) Edit


Category Action Status Comment
Account Synchronize This Account
Account Properties
Calendar Properties
New Sub Calendar
View Switch To Editing Mode

Single folder view

Category Action Status Comment
Folder Synchronize This Calendar
Export Displayed Events
Edit Calendar Properties
New Sub Calendar
Move Calendar To
Copy Calendar To
Delete Calendar
View Switch to Editing Mode

Multiple folder view

Category Action Status Comment
Folders Synchronize These Calendars
Export Displayed Events
View Select Calendars
Switch To Editing Mode

Single calender view

Category Action Status Comment
Choice Synchronize This Calendar
Show Today
Day View
Next Three Days View
Week View
Work Week View
Month View
Event List View
View Add View As Favorite
Set Color Of Calendar To Do Set Colour Of Calendar
Back To Folder Selection

Multiple calender view

Category Action Status Comment
Calendars Synchronize Folder TO DO "Synchronize These Calendars"
Today To Do Show Today
Day View OK
Next Three Days View OK
Week View OK
Work Week View OK
Month View OK
Event List View OK
View Add as Favorite TO DO "Add View As Favorite"
Select Calendars OK

Event viewer

Category Action Status Comment
Event Detach event NO, doesn't make sense here, it is done in tasks-mobile Detaches a nested event - only show if possible
Publish Item Information OK
Send Invitations to Attendees TO DO "Send Invitations To Attendees"
Send Status Update OK
Send Cancellation to Attendees TO DO "Send Cancellation To Attendees"
Request Update OK
Request Change OK
Send as ICalender To Do Send As ICalender
Mail Free Busy Information OK
Upload Free Busy Information OK
Attachments Save All Under Discussion Show only if attachments exists / View tbd
Edit Edit Event OK
Copy To TODO Copy Event To
Move To TO DO Move Event To
Delete Item TO DO "Delete Event"

Functional Scope of Kontact Mobile - Calendar - Configuration

Required configuration settings.

Category Action Status Comment
Time and Date Day begins at OK
Use holiday region OK
Working period OK
Daily starting hour OK
Daily ending hour OK
Exclude holidays OK
Default appointment time OK
Default duration of new appointment OK
Default reminder time OK
Enable reminders for new events OK
Views Todos use category colors OK
Hour size OK
Show icons in agenda view items OK
Show to-dos in agenda view OK
Show curent time line OK
Agenda view color usage OK
Color busy days in agenda view with different background color OK
Show to-dos in month view OK
Month view color usage OK
Color busy days in month view with different background color OK
Colors and Fonts Holiday color OK
Agenda view background color OK
Busy days background color OK
Agenda view current time line color OK
Working hours color OK
To-do due today color OK
To-do overdue color OK
Group Scheduling Use Groupware communication OK


Here you can find functionallity that still needs to be discussed, wether it makes sense to add it to the mobile version of KDE PIM.

We do not need this

  • Print
  • Publish (Webpage, vCalender, hot new stuff)

We need to discuss this

We need to integrate this

  • "Disassociate from recurrence" should be solved as part of handling recurrent appointments (including acceptence of invitations and exceptions for single dates).

Event editor

  • Implement a simplified category handling (add, delete, including colors)

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