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* [[/Bugs|Bug hunt titbits from KDE bugzilla concerning printing]]
* [[/Bugs|Bug hunt titbits from KDE bugzilla concerning printing]]
* [http://api.kde.org/4.0-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kdeprint/html/index.html API Documentation]
* [http://printing.kde.org/info/presentation/ A presentation by Michael Goffioul on the architecture and design of KDEPrint]

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KDEPrint Project Working Areas

The pages of this project area are not yet filled with content. They are intented to help all KDE developers who want to improve printing for their applications (so they are obviously not at all limited to KDEPrint developers!). They will also help users and ISV developers with problems regarding printing to find an answer to their questions and issues. Contributions are welcome.

If you are unsure about your submission, or if it is only questions you want to ask, please do not use the main pages of this Wiki -- use the "Discussion" link above instead!

Application Developer Resources

The content from the printing.kde.org website will be migrated here.

  • Tutorial - this should be updated and transferred to techbase once the KDE4 printing API is stable

System Administrator Resources

  • Quotas tutorial (CUPS-specific) - needs updating (?) and transferring to techbase
  • CUPS FAQ - extracts from the KDE handbook; needs updating and transferring to techbase
  • KDEPrint handbook - needs updating - where are the sources? Probably should have a html copy at least linked to from here

KDEPrint Developer Resources


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