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Gwenview User Research Profile

Gwenview makes it easy to quickly view an image, browse your picture folders and perform simple image manipulations.

Who is the application for?

  • "Single shot users" (suggestion for a better term?): users who want to quickly view an image from a website or an email.
  • Occasional photographers

Who is the application not for

  • Professional photographers
  • Digital artists

Sample User Profiles

User Profile 1: For each group of users identified (or primary groups, or particularly special groups if many groups are defined), write a description of that user's characteristics based on a real user you know.

What kinds of tasks will they complete

  • Browse images organized in folders
  • Import images from a digital camera
  • Perform basic manipulations:
* rotating
* cropping
* resizing
* red eye reduction
* straightening
* adjusting brightness and contrast (providing a "magic" button would be nice)
  • View image in fullscreen and start a slideshow
  • Print one or several images at a time
  • Start an external image editor for more advanced image manipulations

(What kinds of functionality will the application not support)

  • Advanced image edition
  • Support for 16 bit pictures

Sample Use Scenarios and Cases

Use Scenario 1: For each task identified (or major tasks, or particularly special tasks if many tasks are defined), write a description of how that user would accomplish the task independent of how they would complete it within the application.

Use Case 1: If a use scenario has been implemented, include a matching use case which describes how the task use scenario can be completed in the application. There may be branching or multiple ways to complete the task, and this is a good way to document it.

Environment Conditions & Requirements

  • List of environmental conditions for the user or the application to consider
  • For example, an Internet-capable application would require an Internet connection

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