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Gwenview User Research Profile

Gwenview makes it easy to quickly view an image, browse your picture folders and perform simple image manipulations.

Who is the application for?

  • Occasional photographers
  • "Single shot users" (suggestion for a better term?): users who want to quickly view an image from a website or an email.

Who is the application not for

  • Professional photographers
  • Digital artists

Sample User Profiles

Jane: Jane is a busy mother of two children, who likes to shoot pictures for various family events (birthday, football match, dancing spectacle). She uses an entry level digital camera which can shoot pictures and record short videos. She likes to be able to print pictures to give them to grandma and grandpa, who do not deal with computers.

She regularly communicates with other mothers on a web forum and likes to share pictures with them through image hosting services like ImageShack.

She also exchange pictures via email with her friends.

What kinds of tasks will they complete

  • Browse images and videos organized in folders
  • Import images and videos from a digital camera
  • Perform basic manipulations:
    • rotating
    • cropping
    • resizing
    • red eye reduction
    • straightening
    • adjusting brightness and contrast (providing a "magic" button would be nice)
  • View images in fullscreen and start a slideshow
  • Print one or several images at a time
  • Start an external image editor for more advanced image manipulations

What kinds of functionality will the application not support

  • Advanced image edition
  • Support for 16 bit pictures

Sample Use Scenarios and Cases

Use Scenario 1: For each task identified (or major tasks, or particularly special tasks if many tasks are defined), write a description of how that user would accomplish the task independent of how they would complete it within the application.

Use Case 1: If a use scenario has been implemented, include a matching use case which describes how the task use scenario can be completed in the application. There may be branching or multiple ways to complete the task, and this is a good way to document it.

Environment Conditions & Requirements

  • List of environmental conditions for the user or the application to consider
  • For example, an Internet-capable application would require an Internet connection

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