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Projects/Games/kdegame apps porting kf5 status

Program Status kdelibs4 free Migrate settings ?
bomber Merged in master Yes Yes
bovo Merged in master Yes Yes
granatier Ready for merge No Yes
kapman Merged Yes Yes
katomic Ready for merge No Yes
kblackbox Ready for merge Yes Yes
kblocks Ready for merge Yes Yes
kbounce Ready for merge Yes Yes
kbreakout Ready for merge No Yes
kdiamond Merged Yes Yes
kfourinline ported no no
kgoldrunner Ported No No (has user-data)
kigo Ported No Yes
killbots Ported No Yes
kiriki Ported Yes No
kjumpingcube Ported No Yes
klickety Ported No No
klines merged Yes Yes
kmahjongg Ported, qgraphic branch not included No Yes
kmines Merged Yes Yes
knavalbattle Ported Yes No
knetwalk ported Yes No
kolf Ported No No
kollision Ready for merging Yes Yes
konquest Ported No No
kshisen Ported Yes Yes
kspaceduel Ported No No
ksquares Ready to merge No Yes
ksudoku Ported No No
ktuberling Ported No No
kubrick Ported No Yes (has user-data)
lskat Ported No No
palapeli Ported No No (has user-data)
kajongg No ported yet (python) No No
ksirk Ported No No
kpat Ready for merge No No
picmi Initial work done but untested No Yes
kreversi Ported but not works. Pb with qml no yes

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