Checklist for Development Environment

The following steps are mandatory:

  1. setup development enviroment for KDE applications
  2. get Rocs source code
  3. configure Rocs build system
  4. compile Rocs
  5. install Rocs
  6. set KDEDIRS and run kbuildsycoca4
  7. run Rocs

Now, the important sections in more detail:

Rocs Development Environment

Usually it is not necessary to compile kdelibs and Qt from source to be able to compile Rocs. The current master branch of Rocs only requires development packges of the following framewoks:

  • KDE >= 4.7
  • Qt >= 4.7
  • Boost >= 1.39 (note that the libboost-graph package is also needed)

Those package are usually indicated by a trailing "-dev" in the package name, as provided by your favorite distribution.

Development Packages on Debian

  • kde-sc-dev-latest
  • cmake
  • kdelibs5-dev
  • libboost-dev
  • libboost-graph-dev
  • libboost-graph1.49.0

Get the Rocs Source Code

You can fetch the sources from the Rocs Project Page by cloning the Git repository. Let's say you fetch the source to: "$HOME/rocs-source"

Configure Your Build-System

Next, we need folders for building and for installing Rocs. Let's say

  • $HOME/rocs-build
  • $HOME/rocs-install

Then we need to say the build-scripts that those folders exist. Very comfortable this can be done by using the program cmake-gui. Take care to set the following:

  • Source-directory is: $HOME/rocs-source
  • Build-directory is: $HOME/rocs-build
  • set: CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE = debugfull
  • set: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX = $HOME/rocs-install

Then press "configure" to see if all necessary libraries are present. Finally generate make-files if nothing is red anymore.

Setup Execution Enviroment and Run Rocs

It is necessary that the following two steps are done:

  1. export KDEDIRS=$HOME/rocs-install:$KDEDIRS
  2. kbuildsycoca4

Finally, you can run Rocs by executing the compiled and installed binary in $HOME/rocs-install.

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