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This is a list of projects to make KDE rock even more, as suggested by Ralf Gessellensetter on kde-devel, here.

Most of the suggestions are for new KDE-Edu projects. Although, some of them might not quite fit under (what I believe to be) KDE-Edu's scope.


  • Virtual graphical calculator -- Simulate a graphic pocket calculator as it is used within existing learning outilines. Many school books (grade 11+) refer to particular devices whose user interface resemble Derive. (cf. Schulzentrum Findorff)
* Univ. of Bayreuth provides a corresponding java applet:
* there is also a (dead) project "GraphCalc".
  • Dominoes -- Popular game which is interculturally known and trains calculation skills
  • stochastiK -- Simulations and interactivities to evoke interest in stochastics (grade 6-10; coin, cumulated freq.)
  • dynamic work sheets -- Different types of tasks to be combined as modules - to be either solved on the computer (like kpercentage) or to be printed as work sheet with definable heading - and solutions on demand. Maybe this needs a LaTeX binding.
  • Intuitive GUI for maxima algebra system


  • "KLab" -- During "Linuxtage Essen" (Essen Linuxdays), some scientists addressed the lack of free interfaces to scientific gear such as thermometers, gyrometers, geigercounters, whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, there are already loads of measuring tools - but it lacks integration and usabilities if we want to use them in school. This made me think: How about a framing project / application similar to ksensors? Existing implementations could dock into such framework. The framework itself could provide features like

* data recording
* data plotting
* statistical evaluations.

Also popping into my mind is ksimus datarecorder as possible frontend. As it comes to realtime data, acoustic recorders could be another approach.

* looks promising...

Computer Sciences

  • KDE/Qt-Shell for swi-prolog, to render and query knowledge bases in a modern way. This might be solved by kdialog ("joining a katepart and a konsolepart with a QSplitter" - TSDgeos).
  • Komputer -- Journey into the heart of a PC (Explore CPU, RAM, Busses...)
  • Kartoffelkaefer -- Javakara for C++/Qt/KDE


  • eleKtions -- Interactive representation of voting results (Bundestag, Landtag, ...) to be updated from Wikipedia or other online resources.
  • equivalent to GrafStat (freeware for schools from German secretary for political education)


  • KMorph -- An even better (Qt!) equivalent to gtkmorph / xmorph

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