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:equivalent to GrafStat (freeware for schools from German secretary for political education)
:Equivalent to [http://www.grafstat.de/ GrafStat](in German). Software to create surveys to be published on- and off-line. I assume it can also run stats on (and create graphs of) the data returned.
== Arts ==
== Arts ==
:An even better (Qt!) equivalent to gtkmorph / xmorph
:An even better (Qt!) equivalent to gtkmorph / xmorph

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This is a list of projects to make KDE rock even more, as suggested by Ralf Gessellensetter on kde-devel, here.

Most of the suggestions are for new KDE-Edu projects. Although, some of them might not quite fit under KDE-Edu's scope.


Virtual graphical calculator

Simulate a graphic pocket calculator as it is used within existing learning outlines. Many school books (grade 11+) refer to particular devices whose user interface resemble Derive. (cf. Schulzentrum Findorff)


Popular game which is interculturally known and trains calculation skills http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominoes


Simulations and activities to evoke interest in stochastic systems (grade 6-10; coin, cumulated freq.)

dynamic work sheets

Different types of tasks to be combined as modules - to be either solved on the computer (like kpercentage) or to be printed as work sheet with definable heading - and solutions on demand. Maybe this needs a LaTeX binding.

Maxima GUI

Intuitive GUI for maxima algebra system



During "Linuxtage Essen" (Essen Linuxdays), some scientists addressed the lack of free interfaces to scientific gear such as thermometers, gyrometers, geigercounters, whatsoever. As a matter of fact, there are already loads of measuring tools - but it lacks integration and usabilities if we want to use them in school. This made me think: How about a framing project / application similar to ksensors? Existing implementations could dock into such framework. The framework itself could provide features like
  • data recording
  • data plotting
  • statistical evaluations.
Also popping into my mind is ksimus datarecorder as possible frontend. As it comes to realtime data, acoustic recorders could be another approach; http://www.qt4lab.org/screenshots.htm looks promising...

Computer Science

KDE Frontend to SWI-Prolog

To render and query knowledge bases in a modern way. This might be solved by kdialog ("joining a katepart and a konsolepart with a QSplitter" - TSDgeos).


Journey into the heart of a PC (Explore CPU, RAM, Busses...)


Javakara for C++/Qt/KDE



Interactive representation of voting results (Bundestag, Landtag, ...) to be updated from Wikipedia or other online resources.


Equivalent to GrafStat(in German). Software to create surveys to be published on- and off-line. I assume it can also run stats on (and create graphs of) the data returned.



An even better (Qt!) equivalent to gtkmorph / xmorph

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