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General ideas:

The goal of the project

This project aims to create free applications for young kids(less then 7 years old)

The core

All the application will be writen as plugins. The core will search and load this plugins. This searching and loading should be fast and simple. We want that the application 

to be easily extended.

The interface

The interface should be simple:

  • no menus(kids can't read)
  • no options dialog(or this should be hidden) maybe a separate application can be used to configure the apps.
  • a way to block losing focus of the application(block clicking on the menus or starting some compiz/kde effect by moving the mouse on corners ,block the moving/dragging of the window

The implementation

Should be simple. We should avoid using ots of  other libraries. The application should be easy to deploy cross platform(maybe only parts of it).  A good feature would be that it could run on other operating systems stand alone. Depending on kde core should not stop us reach computers that do not have KDE but have kids who need software.

The application should remain simple as structure, do one thing and do it better and simple, no generalization(so if we have 2 ideas about a game with letters maybe is better to make 2 games) if the code is simple(not containing 100 classes it is easy for new coders to contribute

Application we need:

  • application for learning using the mouse(moving clicking, double clicking)
  • application for learning using the arrows keys
  • application for learning counting(we have some code for this)
  • application for learning the alphabet and learning reading(example: we have a cat picture the kids should chose letter c(cat begins with c) this should be made in such a way to be cross language
  • application for drawing and other application for colloring
  • we should write some games with cars, bouys love cars

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