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List of expected behaviors for KHangMan 2.5.

Mouse Navigation

Keyboard commands

  • [Alt-U] focuses the guess box
  • When the guess box is selected, typing a character causes it to appear inside. It should only hold one character, and that character must be a letter.
  • [Enter] makes the guess and clears the box – see #Gameplay below for details.


After entering a guess, if it is...

Update answer area. If all letters have been guessed, show "Congratulations! You won!" and start a new game.
Update misses area and hangman image. If the misses area is full, show "You lost. The word was _____."
Already guessed
Display an error message.

The box is then cleared so the user can enter another guess.

Menu functions and keyboard shortcuts

Game Menu

  • New [Ctrl-N]: Resets the game
  • Open... [Ctrl-O]: Pops up a file chooser, allowing the user to pick a custom dictionary
  • Open Recent
  • Get Words in New Language... [Ctrl-G]: Opens the add-on installer
  • Quit [Ctrl-Q]

Category Menu

This contains a list of word categories (Animals, Fruits, Numbers, etc.). Choosing any of the categories starts a new game with a word from that category.

Language Menu

Look Menu

Lists the available themes. In the default installation, the following themes are provided:

  • Sea Theme
  • Bee Theme
  • Desert Theme

Selecting a theme changes the visual style of the game, but retains the game state (i.e. it doesn't start a new game)

Settings Menu

  • Toolbars Shown: Show/hide toolbars. Toggle each option and test that they work as expected.
  • Show Hint: If using a category that contains hints (e.g. Numbers) this displays a relevant phrase in the middle of the screen (e.g. "6"). Clicking it again turns it back off.
  • Show Statusbar
  • Configure Shortcuts
  • Configure Toolbars
  • Configure KHangman


These match the behavior of their namesakes in the menu (see above)

  • New
  • Show Hint
  • Quit
  • Theme switcher: Mirrors Look menu
  • Language switcher: Mirrors Language menu


From left to right:

  • Category name: Check that this updates when changing the category.
  • Wins and Losses: Should change after every completed game.

Tests for KDE 4.10

Below enter the tests you did and the related bug number if any error was found. For example:

Mouse Navigation

works as expected <name> <date>

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