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(this article is just a stub, made from what I remeber from KDE4 beta 2 version)

Kalzium is a chemical database. The central feature is a mandeleïev table that can color elements folowing different rules such as

  • family
  • acidity
  • electro-negativity
  • discovery date
  • icon representing a use case (such as a zepelin for hydrogen)
  • and more

Kalzium also features a sidebar showing more info about the element you point onto the table. If you click on, this bring a widow with detailed informations.

It also comes with a unit converter and greek letters table.

A glossary explains basics of some chemistry (this part you can help much without coding ) such as "what is a besher ?"

A usefull tool in Kalzium will solve chemical equations. Feed it with a formulae such as " aO2+bH2->cH20 " and it replies "1.O2 + 2H2 -> 2.H2O ". This is also able to calculate with charges (ions)

A beautiful feature of Kalzium is it's 3D molecule viewer. Load a molecule file and look at it's 3D representation in different modes (stics, stics and balls, --- and --- ).

An other tool wich may be handy is a chemical file converter based on openbabel.

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