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The following chapters (tables) and sections (table row) are taken from the current and outdated kmail handbook from 2004 and are subject to further discussion.


file: intro.docbook

Status Chapter Description Contact
IN PROGRESS About the handbook What to expect, where to find it and how to get going tictric <>
TO DO Essential tips Useful hints for the absolute beginner [mailto: < >]
TO DO More help Where to find more help (Homepage, Mailing List, Reporting Bugs, IRC [mailto: < >]

Getting Started

Status Chapter Description Contact
IN PROGRESS The first start Walk through the account wizard tictric <>
TO DO The main window Quick overview of the looks of it [mailto: < >]
TO DO Setting up identities How to setup an account and how to get an identity [mailto: < >]
TO DO Reading How to read and manage mail [mailto: < >]
TO DO Writing How to write and send mail [mailto: < >]

Advanced KMail

This listing is quite a mess still. Comments welcome.

Status Chapter Description Contact
TO DO The main window A detailed description [mailto: < >]
TO DO The settings window Short description of where to find the important features for setting up an account [mailto: < >]
TO DO The composer window [mailto: < >]
TO DO Importing mail How to use/import your existing mails from an existing email account [mailto: < >]
TO DO Encryption How to work with signed/encrypted mail [mailto: < >]
TO DO Teamwork How to work with workgroups [mailto: < >]

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