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Ideas and suggestions are most welcome on Talk:Projects/Documentation/KDE4/kdepim/kmail

The following chapters (tables) and sections (table row) are taken from the current and outdated kmail handbook from 2004 and are subject to further discussion.


Status Chapter Description Contact
TO DO About the handbook What to expect and how to get going [mailto: < >]
TO DO Essential tips Useful hints for the absolute beginner [mailto: < >]
TO DO More help Where to find more help (Homepage, Mailing List, Reporting Bugs, IRC [mailto: < >]

Getting Started

Status Chapter Description Contact
IN PROGRESS The first start Walk through the account wizard tictric <>
TO DO The main window Quick overview of the looks of it [mailto: < >]
TO DO The settings window Short description of where to find the important features for setting up an account [mailto: < >]
TO DO Setting up identities [mailto: < >]
TO DO Setting up an account [mailto: < >]
TO DO Sending messages [mailto: < >]
TO DO Receiving messages [mailto: < >]
TO DO Testing the setup [mailto: < >]

Using KMail

Status Chapter Description Contact
TO DO The main window A detailed description [mailto: < >]
TO DO The composer window [mailto: < >]