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Project Suggestions: a list of suggestions for future Documentation projects. If you're a documenter, and in need of something to do, pick a suggestion and see what you can come up with!


KDE developers and documentors have spent a great deal of time creating resources needed for a new contributor to be able to pick up how things are done with documentation and should answer any question you may have. On top of the documented resources located at Documentation Writing there are also other resources and tools located in the KDE Subversion directories. These tools and resources can be located in the KDE trunk at KDE/kdelibs/kdoctools WEBSVN Location.

KDE 4 文档

KDE 4是KDE项目下一个重要里程碑。由于2007年底发布的这个新版本,将会带来大量的补充,修改,修正的工作,以便为用户提供维护KDE的系统所需的工具,以维持其KDE的系统。


随着大量对KDE 4文件的需要,各种技能组合都被大量需求。无论你是经验丰富熟悉DocBook和XML的技术作家或您是刚开始使用KDE和/或Linux ,总有一个任务等着你。这些任以促进KDE文档的进一步改善。这些要求英语阅读和书写能力。这样就大功告成了




The Beginner level will encompass the very basic tasks required in order to assist the KDE Documentation Project. These tasks will normally include spelling and grammar checking/fixing, readability, and if possible technical correctness. Spelling and Grammar checking/fixing is rather straight forward. Readability will require you to read through a document and report back if there are portions that are unclear or confusing. Technical correctness requires a little knowledge with KDE 4 and/or the application documentation you are reviewing. If you are unfamiliar with the technology being covered in the documentation, then it may be easier for you to adopt a task or document in which are more familiar with.

To see a list of Beginner level tasks, please review <INSERT PAGE NAME & LINK>


The Intermediate level will encompass tasks that are a bit more involved than the Beginner level tasks. Of course you will still utilize the requirements and jobs listed above in the Beginner level tasks. The Intermediate level tasks will require you to be a little more familiar with SVN (anonymous unless you have an account) as well as DocBook and XML. A great tool for the Intermediate level to utilize, as well as the Beginner level, is the English Breakfast Network or EBN[1] for short.

To see a list of Intermediate level tasks, please review <INSERT PAGE NAME & LINK>


The Advanced level will encompass tasks such as creating a document from scratch utilizing the DocBook/XML DTD and have full understanding of the KDE Style Guide as well as the community itself. Contributors that fall under the advanced level will also help those contributing at both the Beginner and Intermediate levels. A contributor in this level should be able to answer a majority of the questions asked by the previous 2 levels or should be able to locate an answer easily within the community.

To see a list of Advanced level tasks, please review <INSERT PAGE NAME & LINK>


KDE 4文档任务列表: 这里.

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