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Projects/Digikam/Modular Workflow

The Modular Workflow interface will help users to connect a series of common activities in a logical order. Users can build custom workflows based on their preferences. Each element, or node, in the workflow view can contain child objects. Nodes can include the following types:

  • Workflow processes
    • georeference
    • manage metatags
    • post process)
  • Image processing functions
    • local contrast
    • brightness/contrast
    • etc.
  • Import/export modules
  • Logical flow control (e.g. if histogram skew has positive skew, apply this curve)
    • Iterators
    • If, else, else if
    • Not, or, contains, etc..
    • User interjection/manual override (e.g. which of these two outcomes looks better?)

Workflows can branch and flow, and may contain multiple possible outputs. Users can save workflow graphs for future modification and re-use.

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