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KDE Graphics Coding Sprint 2010

  • The KDE Graphics coding sprint 2010 will take place in Aix en Provence, France, from August 27th to 29th. It's organized by Gilles Caulier.



  • 3 nights have been books to this hotel : Thursday 26/Friday 27 ; Friday 27/Saturday 28; Saturday 28/Sunday 29.
  • If you want to stay more time in this hotel to visit Aix en provence, let's me hear.
  • For more details, see map from "Coding Location" section.


By Plane
  • The closest airport is Marseille/Provence International (MAR).
  • Text me (Gilles) when you board the bus in Airport or when you have got lost.
  • For more details, see map from "Coding Location" section.
By Car
  • Arriving from all directions: A8/E80, exit 30b (Pont de l'Arc)
  • For more details, see map from "Coding Location" section.
By Train
  • Main train station is located in Aix en Provence city center. It's a small station where only Train from Marseille Saint Charles station come there.
  • For long distance travels, look on TGV transport. There is another big station dedicated for Aix en provence. This is the best way to arrive near than Aix en provence without to pass through Marseille city.
  • For more details, see map from "Coding Location" section.

Coding Location


Photo Name Project Arrival Departure Travel Arrangements*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/cgilles.png Gilles Caulier Student mentoring, digiKam Editor Canvas and Preview Widget factoring, QtScript integration. n/a n/a n/a*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/mwiesweg.png Marcel Wiesweg Student mentoring, digiKam Face Recognition, Image Versioning and Database schema. 26/08/10:17h10 - MAR airport 29/08/10:17h55 - MAR airport Plane from Düsseldorf, Germany*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/mghansen.png Michael G. Hansen Student mentoring, GPSSync kipi-plugin, Google maps integration 26/08/10:17h10 - MAR airport 29/08/10:17h55 - MAR airport Plane from Düsseldorf, Germany*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/ahuggel.png Andreas Huggel digiKam and kipi-plugins Metadata management improvements pending pending Plane from Malaysia - MAR airport*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/jaiva.png Vardhman Jain PicasaWeb and Flickr import/export Kipi-plugins improvements pending pending Plane from San Francisco - MAR airport (most like via some place)*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/mklapetek.png Martin Klapetek GOsC - Non-destructive image editing in digiKam Image Editor pending pending Plane from Czech Republic - MAR airport*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/adityab.png Aditya Bhatt GOsC - Face detection ; libface with digiKam 26/09/10:21h00 - MAR airport 30/09/10:05h00 - MAR airport Plane from India*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/gvoicu.png Gabriel Voicu GOsC - GPSSync kipi-plugins ; Advanced Search Tool in digiKam 26/09/10:21h00 Aix 30/09/10:05h00 Aix Bus from Roumania*checkout*/trunk/www/sites/planet/website/hackergotchi/kunalghosh.png Kunal Ghosh GOsC - QtScript Integration in digikam pending pending Plane from India - MAR airport


To bring

  • Notebook
  • Wifi will be available at Maison des Associations Tavan
  • Network gateway and ethernet cables
  • Plan a video-projector
  • Digital Still Camera (of course)

To book

  • Restaurant for 28 august, Saturday evening

Common Topics for Discussion and Coding


My suggestions:

  • There is many possibilities in Aix en provence town (pizza, baggels, sushi, sandwich, etc.)
  • Last year in Germany we went to a restaurant for dinner Saturday evening, I enjoyed that quite much. I would suggest us we continue in this tradition this year as well. I know good and not too expensive restaurants in Aix en Provence city center.
  • Anyway, let's me hear your food preferences.


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