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KDE Graphics Coding Sprint 2009

The KDE Graphics coding sprint 2009 will take place in Essen, Germany, from November 13th to 15th.



Hotel Schönberger
Laupendahler Weg 18
42579 Heiligenhaus


By Plane

The closest airport is Düsseldorf International.

There is a regional train from Düsseldorf airport. Go to "Bahnhof Düsseldorf Flughafen Terminal S" which is not the main train station of the airport ("Bahnhof Düsseldorf Flughafen"). From there, take the S7 direction Solingen. Get off after five minutes in Düsseldorf-Derendorf. From platform 2, take the S6 direction Essen Hbf. Get off at Werden S. The fare is €4.50 ("B"). Text me (Marcel) when you board the train in Derendorf or when you have got lost.

By Car

Get your route from Google Maps

  • A52, exit Essen-Kettwig
  • A40
By Train

Main train station is Essen Hauptbahnhof. From there

  • take either express bus SB 19 from Hauptbahnhof (number 7 on this map) and get off at the stop "Am Schwarzen".
  • or go to platform 12, take the regional train S6 Köln-Nippes. Get off at Werden S.

For either choice the fare is €2.30 ("A2"). Text me (Marcel) when you board the bus or the train to be picked up.

Information about local bus or train schedules is available here.

Coding Location

Bernhardstr. 12, Essen, Germany


Name Project Arrival Travel Arrangements
Gilles Caulier digiKam Th night DUS, arrival arranged
Marcel Wiesweg digiKam n/a n/a
Andi Clemens digiKam Fr evening car
Kåre Särs ksane Fr morning DUS
Patrick Spendrin Marble, KDE/Win Th evening train
Luka Renko Kipi Plugins Th evening DUS, arrival arranged
Pieter Edelman digiKam (new contributor) Fr morning
Michael G. Hansen digiKam (new contributor) Fr morning
Holger Förster digiKam (MySQL database backend) Fr evening train
Johannes Wienke digiKam (new contributor) Fr evening train
Guillaume Paumier KIPI plugin (new contributor) Th evening DUS, arrival arranged


To bring

  • notebook
  • network cable

Experience shows that wireless usually breaks down at the beginning of a coding sprint, so ethernet is preferred and we need a

  • network hub or switch

Would be great if someone could bring one.

Michael: I will bring two hubs, five ports+uplink each (in spite of 5/5+uplink in my e-mail) and also power extension cords with multiple outlets (at least one 5 port and one 8 port).

Luka: I can bring 8-port 1GBit Ethernet switch if needed. Let me know.

Common Topics for Discussion and Coding

  • Marble
    • Clustering
    • Geo-view: icon view with a map in background?
    • OpenStreetmap, Nokia Ovi, Google Maps API v3
  • Model / View
    • Introduction to the concept?, sharing experience
    • Current status in digikam
    • porting for 1.1
  • Color Management
    • ksane + digikam: sharing experience & code?
  • MySQL
    • Current status of branch
    • Merge with HEAD
    • Test, make it work
  • Image Versioning
    • ideas and drafts
  • Face detection
    • existing solutions / libraries, feasibility of task
    • UI drafts for integration
  • Kipi interface improvements
  • Akonadi and cached web album collections


Very important topic ;-) We can do some cooking. My suggestion is semi-self-made Pizza for Friday evening and Spaghetti for lunch Saturday and Sunday. Add any objections or wishes here in the wiki.

Last year in Genoa we went to a restaurant for dinner Saturday evening, I enjoyed that quite much. I would suggest we continue in this tradition this year as well.

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