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The Sprint

Location: The Nokia office in Redwood City

Time: 30th to 31th of October (for the sprint), followed by 1th to 3th of November (for Developer Days) - housing isn't arranged yet, if you can host someone, please contact me.

Topic: Meego in KDE and KDE in Meego


Nokia has offered access to Qt Developer Days Munich 2010 for the participants in this sprint.


To sign up, please email Alex/blauzahl with your full name, your irc nick (if you've got one), and your travel cost estimate. Include if you have a pass and hotel room paid for by somebody else. If you are local to the area, can you offer help in car transit/etc? Also please include a short introduction to yourself if you aren't sure if I know you personally. You might want to poke me on irc as well. Blauzahl

  • Alex/blauzahl (already have a pass) Blauzahl

If you are interested in the training, mention that in the email above and put your name below.

Discussion points

Please enter points you have which you would like to take up at the sprint here:

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