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About Aki

Aki is an Extensive IRC Client written for KDE4. Is it design to give a lot of customising options for the users, while also keeping it very simple to the non power users. Has a separate library called AkiIrc to allow yours to create bots separately from Aki or with Aki together.


General Information


  • Implement Reply codes
  • Switch from QSslSocket to KTcpSocket
  • Finish the Aki::Irc::Channel class
  • Add function to extract Urls (Should this be under Aki instead?)
  • Add documentation
  • Create tutorials

Aki ToDo


  • Implement Kross
  • Implement DBus
  • Implement Plugins


  • Make UrlWatcher catch Urls
  • Make Character Selector work
  • Rewrite MessageLog dialog to text base instead of QTableWidget
  • Add ReplaceWord Dialog
  • Complete the PluginLoader Dialog
  • Write the ScriptLoader Dialog
  • Write a Script Dialog to edit scripts inside Aki


  • Make tabs moveable
  • Make tabs closeable


  • Make PrivateTab tab be able to be coloured.
  • Finish setting up the reply codes
  • Make it possible to see /list /who etc in the parser


  • Implement all the default colours
  • Add buttons to select colours for online/away in the NickList
  • Add General Page
  • Add Alias Page
  • Add Highlighting Page


  • Make the tab completion keep searching on a character pressed on the keyboard only when the completion box is running.


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