Acid3 Test Failures of KHTML

This is an overview of the remaing failures of KHTML on the Acid3 test.

Test No Area Diagnosis Comment passes in FF3b5
04 HTML Parser Parser bug: iframe missing text kid discard_until = ID_IFRAME+ID_CLOSE_TAG --- added in No
13 DOM Range Unhandled mutation Yes
18 ???? ???? Yes
26/27 JS + DOM Memory management Cycle breaking cleaning up too much Yes, but slow
29 HTML Parser Parser bug: table missing whitespace kid Yes
35 CSS getComputedStyle() on <head> (no renderer) Yes
38 CSS Lack of restyle "adding text to a text node didn't make the element non-:empty" No
41 CSS getComputedStyle() on something else rendererless Yes
43 Checkboxes, value, attributes Yes
44 ???? ???? Yes
48 (red linktest failed) CSS :visited doesn't match relative URL right Performance critical, hot on things like Qt docs, and already slow Yes
51 DOM2 Table Stray row Buggy test. Raised with Ian Hickson. Yes
53 DOM2 Forms Not managing form's element collection when not in document. Yes
65/69 Part loading onload events not emitted for many objects Yes, after several attempts
70-80 Can't run due to 65/69 SVG, SMIL + XHTML No
89 JS RegExp Lacking syntax check Perl-centric PCRE behavior. Author promised JS-mode. Yes
90 JS RegExp References Perl-centric PCRE behavior. Author promised JS-mode.

(was it ever considered to use Boost.Regex engine instead ? it claims to be using strict ECMA syntax as per

Update: I tried to build a test application with Boost.Regex 1.33 and it had the same issues than PCRE: /a[])]/ compiled and /(\3)(\1)(a)/ went back as "Invalid Back Reference". -gg

Seems that despite the name, it's not really ES compatible --- if the docs are right, it doesn't support \u.

98 XHTML createDocument() Missing view. See proposed patch No

Random patch storage

These are not meant for commit, but more as a proof of analysis, and starting point for proper fix:

#16, red cat.

Ugly, but roughly correct.

Index: kio/slavebase.cpp
--- kio/slavebase.cpp	(revision 793314)
+++ kio/slavebase.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -527,6 +527,7 @@
 void SlaveBase::errorPage()
     send( INF_ERROR_PAGE );
+    mOutgoingMetaData["__kio_error_page"] = "1";
 static bool isSubCommand(int cmd)
@@ -554,6 +555,11 @@
       KIO_DATA << mOutgoingMetaData;
       send( INF_META_DATA, data );
+    // re-send the error-page flag as well.
+    if (mOutgoingMetaData.contains("__kio_error_page"))
+	send( INF_ERROR_PAGE );
     KIO_DATA << _type;
     send( INF_MIME_TYPE, data );

#4, iframe kids.

This one may be committable, actually

--- a/html/htmlparser.cpp
+++ b/html/htmlparser.cpp
@@ -874,7 +874,7 @@ NodeImpl *KHTMLParser::getElement(Token* t)
         // a bit a special case, since the frame is inlined...
     case ID_IFRAME:
         n = new HTMLIFrameElementImpl(document);
-        if (!t->flat) discard_until = ID_IFRAME+ID_CLOSE_TAG;
+        //if (!t->flat) discard_until = ID_IFRAME+ID_CLOSE_TAG;

 // form elements


This one just shows that the analysis is correct. It's incorrect (no inheritance), and inefficient.

--- a/css/css_renderstyledeclarationimpl.cpp
+++ b/css/css_renderstyledeclarationimpl.cpp
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@

 #include "cssproperties.h"
 #include "cssvalues.h"
+#include "cssstyleselector.h"

 #include <dom/dom_exception.h>

@@ -376,14 +377,20 @@ CSSValueImpl *RenderStyleDeclarationImpl::getPropertyCSSValue( int propertyID )

     RenderObject *renderer = m_node->renderer();
+    SharedPtr<RenderStyle> onDemandStyle;
     if (!renderer) {
         // Handle display:none at the very least.  By definition if we don't have a renderer
         // we are considered to have no display.
         if (propertyID == CSS_PROP_DISPLAY)
             return new CSSPrimitiveValueImpl(CSS_VAL_NONE);
-        return 0;
+       // Brutal brute force path. Wrong due to inheritance. hmm.
+       if (node->isElementNode())
+           onDemandStyle = node->getDocument()->styleSelector()->styleForElement(static_cast<ElementImpl*>(node));
+       else
+           return 0;
-    RenderStyle *style = renderer->style();
+    RenderStyle *style = renderer ? renderer->style() : onDemandStyle.get();
     if (!style)
         return 0;

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