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Acid3 Test Failures of KHTML

This is an overview of the remaing failures of KHTML on the Acid3 test.

Test No Area Diagnosis Comment
04 HTML Parser Parser bug: iframe missing text kid
11 DOM Range Exception condition Vague spec
13 DOM Range Unhandled mutation
18  ????  ????
Red image(16) Part loading Not doing fall-back content ... when no mimetype specified (WIP)
26/27 JS + DOM Memory management Cycle breaking cleaning up too much
29 HTML Parser Parser bug: table missing whitespace kid
31  ????  ????
35 CSS getComputedStyle() on <head> (no renderer)
38 CSS Lack of restyle "adding text to a text node didn't make the element non-:empty"
41 CSS getComputedStyle() on something else rendererless
43 Checkboxes, value, attributes
44  ????  ????
46  ????  ???? Media query stuff
48 (red linktest failed) CSS  :visited doesn't match relative URL right
51 DOM2 Table Stray row Buggy test. Raised with Ian Hickson.
53 DOM2 Forms Not managing form's element collection when not in document.
65/69 Part loading onload events not emitted for many objects
70-80 Can't run due to 65/69 SVG, SMIL + XHTML
89 JS RegExp Lacking syntax check Perl-centric PCRE behavior. Contacted author.
90 JS RegExp References Perl-centric PCRE behavior. Contacted author.
98 XHTML createDocument() Not creating XHTML document

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