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  • If you know of a page that is now obsolete but may be required for reference at a later date, please move it to Archive:blahblah.
  • If you have replaced your old translation with a new one, but are unable to delete the old one, please put a link here to the old page.
  • If you know of a page which is obsolete and you are aware that the authors of that page are no longer available, please link that page here also.

Section 1 - Archive

Please link here pages for projects discontinued (including KDE 3 ones) that should be available for historical purposes.

Section 2 - Deletion

Please link here pages which have new translations and are therefore now obsolete.

(May list of Chinese pages are deleted as requested - please remove this remark.)

Language bars containing only red links will be deleted as soon as practicable. Any other information that can help us make decisions is welcome on this page.